Student Policies

Our Priorities

  • Maximizing physical, psychological and online safety for students, staff and community
  • Ensuring physically safe learning environments
  • Collaborating with all schools to create a system-wide culture that prioritized and values psychological safety and wellness.
  • Ensuring online safety and data privacy
  • Providing each child the maximum opportunity for success
  • Communicating the unique qualities of each school to our students, employees, parents, and community gives all students the highest possibility for success
  • Empowering every school to achieve their desired state provides many learning opportunities for students and synergy in our schools
World Class Education
  • Achieving sustainable learning for the 21st century
  • Students must be prepared to compete on a world stage for jobs that require a high
    level of creativity and innovation
  • Sustainable learning is essential and requires the most important information to be
    taught in a way that can be retained, that stretches across content areas, and that
    incorporates the tools our young people will be required to use in the workforce
  • Education is more personalized, and students develop a deep understanding of self,
    world, career, and their own pathway to success
System Preformance
  • Defining and measuring what matters most
  • We will define what matters most to our stakeholders
  • Our development of a cutting-edge System Performanace Framework will measure
    student, educator, school, leaders, and District performance
  • Authentic measurements will lead to continuous improvement for our students and
    allow our stakeholders to remain informed