Castle View High School offers more than 200 courses in fourteen content areas of study. Our outstanding academic content areas include Art, Business, Communications, Engineering, English, Humanities, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Special Courses, Theatre, and World Languages.

Students at Castle View will choose an Academy based on their individual interests. Each academy has a unique instructional focus. Each of the academies -- Leadership, Global Studies and Communication; Science, Technology, Engineering & Math,; Visual and Performing Arts; and Biotechnology and Health Sciences -- are designed to provide smaller learning communities where students can develop significant relationships with teachers assigned to that academy. In essence, our academy model reduces a typical high school of 2000 students into one of roughly 350 to 400 students “A place where everyone knows your name.”

Once an academy has been selected, students can choose a more specific course of study within that academy. This specific course of study is called a Pathway. There are eighteen established pathways from which a CV student can choose, or they can design their own. The purpose of choosing a pathway is to create a course of study both relevant and interesting to individual students and their educational and career goals. We hope that by giving students a choice they will self select a pathway that most closely aligns with their individual educational interests.

Academies Pathways Content Areas

Biotechnology & Health Sciences (BHS)

  • Biotechnology
  • Health Sciences
  • Sports Sciences

Humanities I
Humanities II
Physical Ed.
Social Studies
Special Courses
World Languages

Leadership, Global Studies &
Communication (LGC)
  • Business Management
  • Communications
  • International Studies
  • Law and Government
  • Marketing

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Natural Science
  • Web Technologies
Science Presentations
Part 1
Part 2

Visual & Performing Arts (VPA)
  • Digital Art
  • Music
  • Studio Art
  • Theatre