Summer School


Do I need summer school?

Summer school is an opportunity to make up credits that you have failed during the year. Most students can complete a maximum of 2.0 credits in a summer, but most students realistically complete 1.0 credits. At a minimum, students at CVHS should have 5.5 credits completed after 9th grade, 12.0 credits after 10th grade, 18.0 credits after 11th grade. If you are under that number, you should consider a summer school class.


1. BYU Online classes. Very affordable. Verify your class choice with your counselor before you register.

2.  Douglas County HS has classes at their school in June that run Mon-Thursday. Click on this link to get info and register.

3. Other Summer School Offerings at other DCSD high schools.

Why doesn't CVHS offer summer school?

With the ability to get 28+ credits at CVHS, most students have the opportunity to get caught up the next school year if they have only failed 1 or 2 classes. BYU online or DCHS summer school are good options if you need them.

Will a summer school class replace my grade?

No. In order to have a grade replaced it must be the exact same course in the exact same setting.

What are the deadlines to gain eligibility for a fall sport?

CVHS must have a transcript grade by August 4th. You should give yourself a deadline to complete your last test/assignment of July 21st and verify with the school that they can get you a transcript before we return to school. Students must have earned 2.5 credits between January - July to be eligible for fall sports.