Biotechnology & Health Sciences Academy (BHS)
The Biotechnology/Health Sciences Academy is designed to help students become: problem solvers, critical thinkers, self-directed learners, excellent communicators and effective team members. Assuring their success in a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students for work or future study. The BHS Academy emphasizes team-based learning focused on relevant situations. Students gain skills necessary to perform duties in many biotechnical and health science settings.

The Biotechnology/Health Science Academy was created to meet interest demands of students and the labor needs of the community. Projections from the U.S. Department of Labor indicate that health care careers will experience the greatest growth in the next ten years. Biotechnology will also experience a high demand for qualified professionals as this science expands.

Biotechnology Pathway This pathway provides three in-depth courses in biotechnology or the science of DNA. Students at the sophomore level will begin their study of Biotechnology I and progress to Biotechnology III in their senior year. From this point, they will enter internship opportunities with cooperating nearby institutions. Students learn the basics of gel electrophoresis, PCR, micro pipetting, solution preparation, aseptic technique and other procedures used in biotechnology. Students learn patterns of Inheritance, Protein Synthesis, epigenesis, mutations, the molecular biology of cancer, knowledge and use of adult and embryonic stem cells, biomarkers, evolutionary genomics and other knowledge basic to the understanding of genomes. Students also explore the ethics of using stem cells, gene testing, gene therapy, etc., using models for ethical decisions developed by the medical community.