Leadership, Global Studies & Communication Academy (LGC)
In the Leadership, Global Studies, and Communication Academy, students are prepared to enter the global economy with the necessary skills to understand the world around them, communicate effectively, and take action in local, national, and global issues. Benefiting from a wide range of community and professional relationships, LGC students will gain real world experience working alongside professionals including journalists, business leaders, professors, lawyers, and politicians.

All students in the LGC Academy will receive a solid fundamental education in core areas such as English, Math, Social Studies, the sciences and the arts. From there, students may choose to follow a pathway offering experiences in Leadership, Law and Government, Communication, or Global Studies.

Leadership Pathway Discover and hone your potential. Leadership is a theme that will be woven throughout the academy. Students will explore what it means to lead, and will be given ample opportunities to exercise their skills. Specific courses will be offered in each pathway providing opportunities to formally study leadership and to participate in selected projects. Leadership is action, not position, and the LGC Academy will prepare students to take action in a variety of ways. Students will be equipped and encouraged to lead on campus as peer tutors and counselors or members of student government. Others may champion a charitable cause, captain an athletic team, or lead an activity or club. Leadership skills learned and practiced in academy activities may be applied anywhere in the school and community. Learn to lead then see where your vision takes you!

Law and Government Pathway Students enrolling in the Law and Government pathway will study the foundations of our legal and political systems and have the ability to actively engage with other students in programs such as Colorado Close-Up, Model UN, Mock Trial and Competitive Debate. Those who have a desire to build their logical thinking, reasoning, and persuasive skills as well as those interested in learning about how our society functions as a democracy on many levels will find this pathway fascinating and rewarding. Contacts with lawyers, law enforcement officials, and area political leaders will offer Law and Government students’ opportunities to gain first hand knowledge in the field as well as develop mentoring relationships to help chart future academic and career paths.

Global Studies Pathway Our world is becoming more interconnected everyday. Today’s generation needs to understand events in Asia, Europe, and around the world. Those who are well prepared to grasp international opportunities will be well positioned to enter the global marketplace. Students in the global studies pathway will receive an excellent foundation in World language and culture. From there, students may also choose courses focusing on international law, business, environmental science, or other specific applications related to our world.

Communications Pathway Students following the Communication pathway are the eyes, ears and mouthpiece of CVHS. Beginning with a strong foundation in mass media, communication skills, and production techniques, students choose to specialize in a particular media type. Some may follow the journalism path and work to produce Castle View’s print or online newspaper. Others may work on the official Castle View print or video yearbook. TV production courses allow students to explore all aspects of television while creating cable TV broadcasts viewed throughout the school and surrounding community. Coming soon will be Castle View’s own radio station, directed and staffed completely by CVHS students.