Visual & Performing Arts Academy (VPA)
CVHS students in the Visual and Performing Arts Academy receive rigorous preparation in core subject areas with instruction based on awareness of these students’ primary learning styles – visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

Study of the arts encourages students to develop the tools of thinking itself: careful observation of the world, mental representation of what is observed or imagined, abstraction from complexity, symbolic representation and qualitative judgment.
Study of the arts helps students connect intellectual academic accomplishments with creative expression and experience a truly balanced education by linking cognitive growth to social and emotional development focused on skills and interests.
Study of the arts empowers students to strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills, to develop a sense of craftsmanship and appreciation and fosters opportunities for development of a positive work ethic with pride in a job sell done.
Study of the arts provides students a supportive environment that celebrates personal talents with opportunities to excel in areas of giftedness such as art, dance, drama, instrumental music and voice.