Counseling Hours
Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Phone: 303-387-9029
Fax: 303-387-9182
Appointment System: Students can sign up in the counseling office to meet with their counselor.

Counselor & Dean Arrangements Alphabetical by last name

  • A through G
    • Dean of Students: Ryan McClintock
    • Counselor (A-B): Aaron Kellar
    • Counselor (C-Dn): Emma Hranchak
    • Counselor (Do-Fo): Tim Sumerlin
    • Counselor (Fr-G): Caitlin Williams

  • H through O
    • Dean of Students: Mandy Malson
    • Counselor (H-Ke): Kaycee Tormoen
    • Counselor (Kf-Ma): Tara Nordstrom
    • Counselor (Mb-O): Kambi Crabb

  • P through Z
    • Dean of Students: Jordan Ivey
    • Counselor (P-Sa): Alicia Rippy
    • Counselor (Sb-Th): Julie Wright
    • Counselor (Ti-Z): Heather Golden

Universal Counseling Services & Student Meeting Data